Our story

MYbakes was established during the Covid 19 crisis of 2020. Formerly called Michael’s Cakes & Bakes, we have been making professional celebration cakes, cupcakes and other bakes since 2018.

As a keen cook and baker since childhood, and appearing on shows such as, “Britain’s Best Dish”, it was a family bereavement that led to the decision to take it seriously, initially as a therapeutic way of dealing the loss. Making cakes became a regular weekend occurrence whilst still working full time in the city.

In preparation for Covid 19, my employer decided to restructure the company and I was made redundant. I took this opportunity to turn this into a full scale business in order to turn a passion and hobby into reality, as well as being able to support my family during unprecedented times. The idea was to put a smile back on peoples’ faces. This is where the cookies were established and were an immediate hit after perfecting our chewy recipe using triple chocolate chunks and a variety of delicious toppings.

Social media gave us the platform to be able to distribute nationwide almost immediately along with corporate and celebrity endorsement. The growth has been overwhelming and we owe a huge gratitude to our many happy customers